About Chosen For Change

Chosen For Change is an internet Marketing company with a 70 million person USA database. Our mission is to provide awareness of the products services and inventions that deliver value by solving a problem and or filling a need. Our purpose is to extend our platform to innovative entrepreneurs as a place for them to display their life altering products and inventions.

All Chosen for Change emails include:

  • Real innovative ideas
  • New inventions that have the possibility to change the world
  • An opportunity to support these products by visiting their site
  • 3rd party reviews
  • Voting for your favorite Charity.

Why should only a select few with money have the power to say what makes it to market?

Members that participate receive many benefits.

  1. Learn about new inventions, be the first
  2. Find great new products
  3. Stimulating the economy and be an inspiration to others by using your voice to say what you want and need.
  4. New opportunities to save money, while getting better services.
  5. Choose a worthwhile charity to support.

Chosen for Change members have the ability to submit projects and also vote for the products they feel should be Chosen for Change. Our interactive site is community driven and empowers our members to make a difference in what they feel is important. When innovations hit the market our economy thrives and grows, creating jobs and impacting lives.

We aim to inspire Chosen for Change members to let their voice be heard, bringing smart ideas, inventions and efficient services to a public forum. Where interest generated can change the world simply by giving the power to create to the people. Become a member, make a difference and tell people important to you what you saw on Chosen For Change today...