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“Cal-X Crowdfund a unit of The California Stock Xchange is cautiously working towards establishing the very first legal equity crowdfunding site in the USA. Utilizing the California Qualification by Permit exemption we* seek to help California corporations raise up to $5 million from California investors utilizing a well designed general advertising campaign. The accreditation standards for investors are $75K in assets excluding their home and vehicles, much lower than the federal standard of $1 million in assets. The Cal-X team nurtures, mentors and assists companies every step of the way in building their business plan, web site, video, slide deck, executive summary, their team and their PR, social media and marketing campaigns. We have made a special reach out to women owned enterprises in sponsoring The California Women’s Conference, TedXWomen, Startup California, Startup Weekend, Google Ventures/Vator Startup Sessions and events up and down the state of California. Cal-X is committed to narrowing the current 95:5 gender gap in securing funding for startup enterprises. Our nurturing model has been well received by women’s entrepreneurship organizations. The California Stock Exchange is in the early stages of registering with the SEC with aspirations to become the third major stock exchange in the history of the USA. The first conscious capitalism stock exchange with an emphasis on promoting local investing. Cal-X seeks to be the stock exchange for main street not Wall Street. No day trading. No short trading. Cal-X has hope to be the “feel good marketplace” where dreams are realized. Where “doing well by doing good” becomes the norm rather than the exception. A marketplace with un-precedented transparency and access. Home of the $8 million IPO of the high growth company with sky rocketing sales due to happy customers. Cal-X registered analysts will be required to analyze the company as a whole not just net profit alone. We believe that treating people well and communities well with a sense of higher purpose helps recruit and retain the most talented people in the modern age. The companies with the most talented people working for good causes they believe in create happy repeat customers and thus become good sustainable investments. Doing well by doing good is not just good for the sake of good, it is good business. Cal-X is building tools to help companies from napkin concept through IPO and beyond that believe in these principles of conscious capitalism. We believe we are leading a new era of capitalism and we believe California is the natural birthplace for this innovation.” Howard J. Leonhardt, Founder, Chairman & CEO

* We includes our registered broker dealer partner Merriman Capital, Methven Law, Leverage PR, SocMe Academy, EquityNet, ZimpleMoney, Crowdfunding Planning, Funding Road Map,, When You Wish and other Cal-X partners.

Cal-X can help you prepare your donation based, pre-selling product, microlicensing or equity crowdfunding plan and campaign. Sign in here and we will start to match you with the right resources (note – equity crowdfunding in the USA is pending final SEC rules due Dec. 31, 2012).