CFC Offer - Leo Watch

Welcome to the future.

The LEO is the world's first Smart-Watch enabled with a family locator application and a 911 panic button system.

The LEO will change the way we communicate!

The LEO has 7 critically life-saving features:

Panic Button Alerts

Instantly transmits the child's real-time location to parents via text message and to 911 emergency response.

Tamper-Proof Lockable Wrist-Strap

The LEO is equipped with a titanium wrist-strap with an optional locking mechanism to prevent unwanted removal. The LEO will also send a tamper-alert to parents and to 911 if there is an attempt to improperly remove the device.

Safety-Zone Alerts

Parents are able to easily set-up safety-zones around areas such as schools, school walking routes and even around neighborhoods during specific hours. The LEO will instantly alert loved ones the moment a child leaves or is taken from pre-defined areas.


Parents can also set-up exclusion zones that will instantly alert them if their child enters into a predetermined zone. (Example: a close proximity of a registered sex offender's home)


Speed-alerts give parents instant notification the moment their child is traveling too fast. (Example: parents can set the limit at a low rate of speed and be instantly notified the moment their child is traveling in someone's vehicle... when they're not supposed to be)

24/7 Location Services

24-hour internet or smart phone access to locate your child or loved ones.

Two-Way Voice Communications
The LEO is a wrist-worn cell phone, so rest assure that your loved ones are always within reach.