Life Cube



A rapid deployment shelter with uses ranging from emergency response to commercial special events. Our patented technology is based around the shipping container which deploys into a hard-surface, raised floor which allows the end-user to pre-position unique equipment for the shelter's application. This includes a proprietary 12-volt power system that is solar-rechargeable which runs pre-installed lighting, communication equipment, and an inflator which allows the unit to be deployed for months on end.





On-site maneuverable shipping container

  • The Life Cube’s hard-wall shipping container serves to provide degradation mitigation of the interior components associated with prolonged storage. 
  • The mobility hoops allow the unit to be on-site maneuverable without the need of a fork-lift by just one person, even in soft sand.
  • The unit is also air-droppable with a maximum landing velocity of 28 ft/sec.
  • If the customer desires, the stackable floor can be configured to allow 8 units per 463L Air Cargo Pallet or 20 units in a standard 20’ ISO container


end-user specific equipment storage


  • Pre-installed components in the interior of the Life Cube can be configured to meet the needs of the end-user with a one-piece solution
  • Interior components can be configured to respond to issues ranging from:
         o   Command and Control/Communications Security
         o   Field Medical
         o   Expeditionary Troop Sheltering
         o   Decontamination
         o   And many more


rapid deployment air beam canopy

  • The deployed unit sits atop an integrated 144 square foot, hard-surface raised platform.
         o   Serves as a thermal barrier and foundation in moderate winds up to 40 mph 
  • The full unit can be deployed by just one or two persons within 10 minutes
  • The canopy material is weather resistant and MSHA-rated fire retardant.
  • Auxiliary vestibule boots allow the unit to be clustered to itself and existing mil-spec shelter solutions

interior articulating infrastructure



  • The interior articulating infrastructure provides strength to the rapidly deployable air frame. 
  • With infrastructure in place, the unit can withstand high winds and heavy snow loads
         o   55 mph sustained winds, 65 mph gusts
         o   10 lbs per square inch
  • Because the command module is pre-installed and configured for the end-user, the Life Cube is ready for immediate use upon deployment. 


 Integrated power system



  • 12v Power Module with a 110v Inverter is trickle charged by solar panels on the lid of the unit
         o   Completely grid-independent
         o   Has the ability to be recharged by grid-power as well if available 
  • Built in blower for inflation and maintenance
  • Powers built in lighting, communication equipment, cell phone chargers and more!